• Energy Conservation

    Energy Conversion

    Fuel Cell Technology

    Plasma Technology

    Renewable Energy Sources

    Solar Energy

    Water Energy

    Wind Energy

    HV Power Lines

    Network Harmonics

    Nuclear Energy

    Power Distribution

    Power Flow Analysis

    Power Quality

    Power System Design

    Power System Operation

    Power System Planning

    Power System Stability and Control

    Reliability and Security

    Power Transmission and Generation
    Converters and Inverters

    Nanosatellite Missions and Technology

    Microgrids Dynamics and Control

  • Microgrids Planning and Operation

    Microgrid Energy Management

    Grid-Connected Converters

    Cyber Security and Cyber Attack

    Virtual Synchronous Generator

    Virtual Dynamics

    Robust Power Grids

    Resilient Power Grids

    Energy Storage Systems

    Distributed Generation

    Demand Response

    Deregulation Policies

    New perspectives of renewable energy

    Power Devices and Driving Circuits

    Sustainable Energy Solutions

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

    Data-Driven Modeling and Control

    Regulations, Management, and Economics
    Breakdown Impacts

    Computer Applications and Software Development

    Demand Management

    Electricity Power Pools

    Energy Management Systems

    Energy Policies and Regulation

    Energy Pricing


    Global Restructuring

    Investment Coordination

    Energy Optimization Techniques

    Power Economics

    Power Engineering and Education

    Power Market Deregulation

    Power System Planning

    Pricing Policies

    Problems of the Power Industry

    Retail Power Markets

    Aquatic environment

  • Atmospheric environment

  • Terrestrial environment

  • Ecological environment

  • Pollution control

  • Cleaner production

  • Emerging contaminants

  • Plant protection

  • Land resources environment

  • Environmental biology

  • Environmental chemistry

  • Environmental microbiology

  • Environmental nanotechnology

  • Environmental analysis and monitoring

  • Environmental analysis and methods

  • Environmental protection material

  • Forest cultivation and protection

  • Geographic information

  • Environmental safety and health

Important Dates | 重要日期
  • Submission Deadline: 2023.2.11
  • Registration Deadline: 2023.2.16
  • Conference Date: 2023.2.21
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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